12 years of experience

About Audra Blotzer

As a child I was extremely active. I swam competitively for 8 years and participated in Cheerleading and Color- guard throughout high school. When I started college my activity level dropped and I gained more than the average “freshman 15″. I found myself at 161lbs at the age of 20. I didn’t know how I got there or who the person staring at me in the mirror was. More at: http://fitfabtraining.com/bio/

4/17- 7th Place WBFF Pro Bikini -Hollywood Show
4/14- Themewear Award WBFF Montreal Pro
7/13- 1st Place Bikini Diva WBFF - Pro Card
7/12- 2nd Place Bikini Diva WBFF Sac
1/11- 2nd Place WBFF Sac

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

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